[Deceased] Addamar

Pyromancer and Hireling


Level 3

Experience Bonus from Stats: +10%
5330 xp (level up at 10000 xp)

Employer: Albanian
Hired at Level 1 (Arcanist)


Ability Strength Intelligence Wisdom Dexterity Constitution Charisma
Score 10 17 9 11 7 7
Modifier 0 +2 0 0 -1 -1


Petrification/Paralysis Poison/Death Blast/Breath Staff/Wand Spell
13+ 13+ 15+ 11+ 12+


HP: 7
AC: 0
Initiative: 0
Base thAC0: 10+

Attack thAC0 Damage
Quarterstaff 10+ 1d6
Sling 10+ 1d4

Current Effects

Attribute Modifiers

  • Int: 2 Additional Spells of Each Level in Repertoire
  • Con: -1 to HP Rolls
  • Cha: -1 to Hireling Count


Level 1 Spells (2x per day)

  • Burning Hands
  • Magic Missile (considered to be fire missile)
  • Magic Mouth
  • Sleep

Level 2 Spells (1x per day)

  • Knock
  • Unknown
  • Unknown



  • Can identify alchemical substances, potions, and poisons at 11+

Elementalism (Fire)

  • Fire spells do +1 damage per die
  • Fire spells impose a -2 saving throw penalty on target
  • Fire elementals gain +1 hp per hit die


  • Can determine if a disease is magical at 11+
  • Can automatically diagnose confirmed non-magical diseases
  • Patients heal additional 1d3 hit points each day
  • Can use healing herbs

Magical Engineering

  • +1 to magical research throws
  • Can recognize common magical items at 11+


Sling Bullets, 5 packs

Iron Spikes, 12
Small Hammer


Fire is a wonderful, purifying thing. There is much money to be made in joining adventuring parties and treating them to the power of one’s fire.

Addamar was hired by Albanian after the sixth Bleak Academy expedition. Unfortunately, Addamar rarely got to use his power of fire.

Wondering if this party was the best place for him, Addamar did not notice when his chest was instantly ripped into a shower of gore by a wyvern outside of Opportunity after the guild takeover.

[Deceased] Addamar

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