[Deceased] The Albanian

Explorer and Healer; Likely a Lunatic


Level 4 Explorer

Experience Bonus from Stats: +10%
10718 xp (level up at 16000 xp)
24823 reincarnation xp

13000 gp


Name Class Salary



Name Class
Alessio Medium Horse (Riding)
George War Dog (Armored)

Alessio has the following accessories:

  • Riding saddle and tack
  • Saddlebags

George has the following characteristics:

  • 9+ thAC0, 1d6+1 damage
  • 90’ movement speed
  • 11 HP
  • AC 5
  • Level 1 Fighter save


Ability Strength Intelligence Wisdom Dexterity Constitution Charisma
Score 16 9 9 18 13 6
Modifier +2 0 0 +3 +1 -1


Petrification/Paralysis Poison/Death Blast/Breath Staff/Wand Spell
13+ 12+ 14+ 14+ 15+


HP: 24
AC: 7
Initiative: +4
Base thAC0: 8+

Attack thAC0 Damage
Arbalest 4+ 1d8+4
Short Sword 6+ 1d6+2
Silver Dagger 6+ 1d4+2
Spear 6+ 1d6/1d8+2

Current Effects

Attribute Modifiers

  • Str: +2 to Damage and Melee Attack
  • Dex: +3 to AC, Initiative, and Ranged Attack
  • Con: +1 to HP Rolls
  • Cha: -1 to Hireling Count

Level 4 Explorer Passive Effects

  • Missile Weapons: +1 to Attack
  • Missile Weapons: +2 to Damage
  • +1 to Initiative
  • +1 to Surprise Rolls

Eyes of the Eagle

  • Wearer can see 100 times further than normal
  • Penalty for medium range missile attacks reduced to -1
  • Penalty for long range missile attacks reduced to -2



  • Outdoors: 3+
  • Indoors: 14+


Precise Shooting

  • Can target enemies in engaged in melee with -4 penalty to hit


  • Can determine if a disease is magical at 11+
  • Can automatically diagnose confirmed non-magical diseases
  • Patients heal additional 1d3 hit points each day
  • Can use healing herbs


  • +4 bonus to avoid getting lost in wilderness
  • Can serve as navigator on seagoing vessel


Crossbow Bolts, 3 cases
Military Oil, 3 flasks
Short Sword
Silver Dagger

Eyes of the Eagle
Chain Mail

Comfrey, 5 lb
Grappling Hook
Iron Spikes, 12
Rope, 50 ft
Small Hammer
Tinder box
Torches, 6

Encumberance without cash is 9 + 2/3 stone


When asked about his origins, this man only mutters something about being kidnapped from some sort of parallel world (general consensus is that he is simply a lunatic, but he’s a good shot so this is deemed irrelevant).

Exploits after joining the party include:

  • Escaping a deadly ghoul ambush in the Bleak Academy
  • Gunning down 6-7 goblins in the woods outside of Opportunity
  • Surviving a fearsome wyvern attack that killed 4 humans and 2 dogs (leaving only PCs alive)

The Albanian’s journey eventually came to an end when he was struck by a great blast of noxious gas from a dragon in the Crocodile Temple. Although the stream of gas only immediately destroyed one of his eyes, he eventually expired due to poisoning from inhaling the toxin while incapacitated.

[Deceased] The Albanian

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