Ben the Blue

A mysterious Mage with a pristine black beard who oozes a culty sense of power.


Ben the Blue. Neutral Mage 3
XP: 5270, 3600 reserve
10 16 10 13 9 9
9 HP, 1 AC, 120 speed
Staff 10+ for 1d6
Spells/Day: 2×1L, 1×2L
1: Sleep, Ventriloquism, Floating Disc, one open
2: Web, Continual Light, one open
Prime Req: 10%
Profs: Adventuring 1, Healer 1, Diplomacy 1, Bargaining 1, Mystic Aura 1
Items: Spellbook, the standard kit, Staff w/continual light on one end (usually end kept covered), 7 military oil, 5 comfrey
Encumbrance: 4 stone


Ben seems much more powerful than he really is. As a novice mage, he realized noone would take him seriously unless he made them believe in his power, so he built an act around making himself mysterious. He’s learned to interact well under this guise of wisdom, and while others often believe they’ve just encountered a great man, he usually just makes up intentionally incomprehensible metaphors.
Goals: actually becoming as powerful as he makes himself out to be.

Currently, Ben employs Thellin “the felon” Merthyr, a Robin-Hood-esque 1st level Lawful Thief , and Dolan “the dullard” Miltiades, a frighteningly strong 1st level Neutral Fighter who began as a farmer-monk driven from his home by the Myrmidians. Dolan cares for the two party wardogs, Steve and Steak, and the party mule Ornery.

Ben the Blue

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