[Missing] Galivan Stoneshield

Paladin of Iana


Curr. XP: 8263
Next level: 14800
Level: 4

Str 16 | +2
Int 9 | 0
Wis 9 | 0
Dex 10 | 0
Con 8 | -1
Cha 13 | +1

Max HP: 13
AC: 7 (+1 vs. chaos)

Petrification & Paralysis 13+
Poison & Death 12+
Blast & Breath 14+
Staffs & Wands 14+
Spells 15+

Lay on Hands

Plate Armor
Rations, Iron (1 week)
Rope (50’)
Iron Spikes (6)
Hammer, Small
Tinder Box
Torches (6)
Tunic and Pants (crafter/freeholder)
Boots, Gloves, Cloak
Holy Water (2)

6+ | 1d8+2 | Warhammer


Galivan Stoneshield was a member of a knightly order in the service of the goddess Iana. He travelled the world, righting wrongs and raising money for the temple when he could. He joined up with Errgumun the Nightblade, Yolanda the Bladesinger, and Argos the Mage on a caravan across the Shieldlands on one such journey.

The newly created group called itself the Dardantine Razors, but their unity and promise were short-lived. A few days away from the city of Deal, they were ambushed by bandits in the night. The wizard Argos disappeared, and the rest of them were left for dead in the middle of the plain with only the equipment they could scavenge from the dead.

After days of stumbling through the wilderness, they arrived back in Deal and made plans to recuperate their losses by raiding a nearby Dwarven vault they had discovered as they wandered the plains. Here Galivan hired Corinth, then known as Tormund Ironsmith.

After several lucrative expeditions into the ruin (and a few fallen allies), Scarth joined the group.

On the 6th and final expedition into the Dwarf Fortress, Galivan fell during the doomed assault on the Morloc Lair. His lover Corinth carried his broken body from the depths and had him revived at the temple of Ashtar.

He returned as a woman, and left for Myrmidia to join the ancient order of the Amazons, leaving Corinth with only memories and the ancient Dwarven shield which saved her life.

When Corinth and her new companions left Deal and travelled to Oppurtunity, they found Galivan captured by an orc chieftan. After slaying 7 of his men, the chieftan believed that Galivan owed him 7 lives. Rather than leave Galivan to be an orc’s concubine, Corinth offered to repay the debt in a different way: by bringing the master assassin of Oppurtunity back to the orcs alive.

After tricking the assassin into killing the orc chieftan and ending the siege (and losing his life, in the process), Corinth sent Galivan north once more to Myrmidia. This time, with an armed escort. They were unable to recover the magic sword, Torch.

Perhaps one day Galivan will return as a Priestess or Bladesinger of Iana, after she has completed her training.

[Missing] Galivan Stoneshield

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