Max Parsley [William Torisson]

Farmboy Fighter


Max Parsley
XP: 11258
Reserve XP: 6390
Level 4, Hero
AL: Neutral
Str 18 +3
Dex 7 -1
Con 17 +2
Int 8 -1
Wis 13 +1
Cha 5 -2

HP: 22
Attack: 4+ (glowy magic sword 1 incl)
Petrification 13
, Poison 12+, Blast 14+, Staff 14+, spells 15+
Damage: 1d6+5
AC: 8 (blue dragon shield incl)

General (x1): Siege Engineering
Fighter (x2): Alertness, Fighting Style (Weapon and Shield, +1 AC)

Plate Armor (60) [6 stone]
Shield (10) [1 stone]
Sword (10)
Backpack (2) [holds 4 stone]
Blanket, thick, wool (2)
12 Iron Spikes x3 (3)
Hammer (small) (2)
Rope (1)
Tinder (0.8)
Waterskin (0.6)
Pouch (0.5) [holds 1/2 stone]
Chalk x? (? =~ 0.1)

Wardog (Wesker) = 75 GP

Attack: 8+
Damage: 1d6+1
AC: 5
Move: 90’
HP: 15
Save: F1

12 items = 2 stone

3x Heavy Horses (80 capacity each)
3x Heavy Catapults (60 stone each)
30x Catapult Shot (2 stone each) [10 shot per horse]

Potion of Speed

Gold: 1185

Henx month 3 graduation


Following the events surrounding the destruction of the vampire temple in the Zaharran Fort, Max realized two things: One, that he really, really enjoyed destroying things with siege weaponry, and two, that he probably could use some oversight with regards to adventuring lest he suffer an untimely mold-related demise like Corinth did (Restore Life and Limb notwithstanding). When he started talking to Kroner Ironblood, he was made an offer of service which he gladly accepted.

Howdy Ma, Pa. Sorry I run off like I did, but I just decided that I couldn’t take living on the farm my whole life, so I took the first opportunity and lit out. I know, I shouldn’ta taken that stranger’s armor, and I know you said it was for Billie, but you gotta have armor if you’re gonna go adventuring, right? And I meant to leave ol’ Wes behind but you know how he gets, and if I’d tried to leave he woulda just woke everyone up with his howling. I’m a few towns over and some real nice fellas have decided to let me into their adventuring group! I’ve made some new friends already, too, like Henx, who’s helping me write this letter. (Max told me to say hello here, so I did -Henx). Anyway, I’m sending you this letter to let you know I’m all right, and I’ll be sending you back some money from my adventures so you can shore up security a little bit to make up for me taking off.

Lots of love,
-Max Parsley
(signed with a big ‘X’)

Max Parsley [William Torisson]

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