[Deceased] Turix and Morik

One Farmboy in the Employ of Carcophan


Turix (Dead)
L1 Fighter
HP 8, AC 8, 607 XP
Str 13, Int 6, Dex 10, Wis 12, Con 11, Cha 11
Proficiencies: Labor (Farming), Endurance, Fighting Style (Weapon + Shield)
Attacks: Spear 10(1) 1d62
Equipment: Plate Armor, Shield, Backpack

L2 Assassin Cleric
HP 12, AC 3, 2189 XP
Str 13, Int 8, Dex 9, Wis 18, Con 13, Cha 10
Proficiencies: Labor (Farming), Animal Training (Dogs), Theology, Ambushing
Vanish (3+ in wilderness, 14+ in dungeons)
Attacks: Spear 10(1) 1d61
Equipment: Leather Armor, Shield, Backpack, Holy Symbol
Age: 27
SPD: 1/1


Turix and Morik worked on a farm until Turix was 18 and Morik was 17, and, being tired of grueling labor and long hours, decided to leave their parents’ farm to search for wealth and fame.

[Deceased] Turix and Morik

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