[Missing] Xenogenes

The Hungry Priest


Str 9
Int 9
Wis 13
Dex 13
Con 11
Cha 13
Class: Priest, L3
XP: 4505 (8k for L4)
HP: 8. AC 1, THAC0 10+, Saves: Yes.
Proficiencies: Beast Friendship, Survival
Alignment: Chaotic, masquerading (poorly) as Neutral.
Possessions: Quarterstaff, sling, 19 bullets, sacrificial dagger, empty wineskin, 50’ of rope, tinderbox, 6 torches.
GP: 195
Residence: Cottage / shrine in Opportunity.
Henchman: Hund, armored war dog (12 HP), quirk: bites the hand that feeds it. Morale +3


Priest of the Devourer, the hyena god, who teaches that the natural order of the world is sex, violence, and the eating of the corpses of one’s enemies (in no particular order). Always hungry. Gets run out of towns frequently; fortunately well-equipped for wilderness survival (if not navigation).

Physically, appears as a dirty, emaciated, unshaven ascetic in tattered brown robes. Occasionally tries to pass as a wandering member of the Order of Hermes, but not well equipped with theological knowledge. Currently loosely associated with the Black Waters Company of Opportunity; working on building a congregation under their protection.

[Missing] Xenogenes

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