[Corinth] Iana's Aegis, the +3 Dwarven Shield

The Protection of the Goddess


+4 to AC total, negligible weight


Previously owned by Galivan Stoneshield, the Paladin of Iana, it was discovered in the Dwarf Fortress behind an old armor rack. It is a circular shield bearing the image of two ferrets eating each other’s tails (the ferretbouros).

In the doomed assault on the Morloc Lair, Galivan gave the shield to Corinth to hold the line after he was injured. In the confusion, she was cut off from the rest of the group by hidden morloc axes. As the rest of the group broke and ran, Corinth watched in horror as Galivan was cut down. She charged across the room, attacking the axe-creatures.

Errgumun escaped and sealed off the exit with fire (drawing and killing a few morlocs), and Corinth had no choice but to turn and fight the horde. With the aid of Iana’s Aegis, no morloc could touch her. Once the fire burned out, she dragged Galivan back to the surface, back to town, and had him resurrected.

Galivan returned, but decided to leave the party and go become a proper Bladedancer of Iana with his newfound womanhood. Before he went, he bequeathed the shield to Corinth.

In return for his services, Corinth agreed to pass the shield on to a dwarven craftpriest named Kroner after her final death. Though she does not intend to die before him.

[Corinth] Iana's Aegis, the +3 Dwarven Shield

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