[Lost] Shilshigos the +2 War Hammer

The Divine Hammer

weapon (melee)

+2 to attack and damage
1d6 if wielded in one hand, 1d8 in two hands

This is an masterful bismuth bronze war hammer. It is encrusted with sardonyx, heliodor, and tsavorite, studded with rose gold, and encircled with bands of black bronze.

On the item is an image of broad crosses in copper.

On the item is an image of a dwarves in bronze. The dwarves are laboring. The artwork relates to the foundation of Sandygates by The Sabres of Bald in the early spring of 1173.

On the item is an image of Awemedinade Monipalothi the elf and elves in iron. Awemedinade is surrounded by the elves. The artwork relates to the ascension of the elf Awemedinade Monipalothi to leadership of The Arrow of Diamonds in 476.

On the item is an image of Goldsie Brandtools and Planepacked the Limestone statue in silver. Goldsie Brandtools is raising Planepacked the Limestone statue. The artwork relates to the construction of Planepacked by the dwarf Goldsie Brandtools in the midwinter of 210.

On the item is an image of Cani Basenth the human and Ancaglon the Black in steel. Cani Basenth is making a plaintative gesture. Ancaglon the Black is laughing. The artwork refers to the mortal wounding of the human Cani Besenth by Ancaglon the Black in Zahara in the late autumn of 192.


Discovered in the Dark Chapel of the Bleak Academy during the third expedition, this warhammer likely belonged to the dead cleric behind the altar.

Carried by Urist II Handlepainted until his demise during the fifth expedition to the Bleak Academy. It was subsequently recovered and briefly wielded by Sorlof the Swordsman against the ghouls in the Academy wine cellar before he was struck down. His body is unrecovered, and Shilshigos is lost with it.

[Lost] Shilshigos the +2 War Hammer

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