[Destroyed] Spellbinder, the +1 Anti-magic Short Sword

Bane of Warlocks

weapon (melee)

+1 to attack and damage rolls
+2 instead, against spellcasters
1d6, wielded in one hand
3/day: Detect Magic or Detect Traps

Sentient, but weak-willed

Destroyed by Rust Monsters.


This was the sword of the master assassin Tal Eartaker of Oppurtunity, found amid the carnage following his assassination of the orc chieftan.

It was given to Corinth, since she could make best use of it. It has been a somewhat unlucky weapon so far; the magic detection ability lead the party into a fearsome teleportation trap which resulted in the deaths of many of the expedition’s members.

And then it got et by Rust Monsters.

[Destroyed] Spellbinder, the +1 Anti-magic Short Sword

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