[Lost] Torch, the -1 Magic Sword

"It's not cursed!"

weapon (melee)

-1 to attack and damage rolls
1d6 wielded in one hand, 1d8 wielded in two hands
Wielder prefers this weapon over all others


… It’s cursed.

Discovered in the Dwarf Fortress, Galivan fell in love with Torch as soon as he found it. It was inside of a long wooden box in an old store-room, which he pried open with a crowbar.

Although the weapon is cursed, no one has any way of knowing that. The only clue so far is that, although Galivan bequeathed many of her possessions to Corinth before leaving for Myr, she chose to keep the sword.

Torch was taken by the orcs when Galivan was captured outside of Oppurtunity. It was never recovered.

Presumably it now resides with one particularly unlucky orc.

[Lost] Torch, the -1 Magic Sword

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