Ten Terrors

Inter-Ten battles are the most common way to wound them… they have been known to fight each other, shifting network of alliance

Champions / archmages of old zahar who were elevated to twisted immortality.


Is known to personally kill armies
She was a master assassin who liked to kill the hardest things to kill (challenges)
Was married to Howler
Once obliterated the Chitterer’s body

Location: Sandy Gates, trapped but getting free, party made a wish to seal her away


All about complicated plans
Rivals with the Temptress
Arcanist in mortal life
Does not get along with Skulltaker
Has a minion: Shadowweaver, currently thought to be in Opportunity killing innocent people.


Not a fun guy – treats mortals as experimental fodder
Transmutation specialist in mortal life


Plays a subtle game
Was a necromancer in mortal life


Lunatic in mortal life

The Temptress

Plays a subtle game
Rivals with Webspinner
Was a politician before ascension

The Howler

Grandfather of all werewolves
Has disappeared
General in mortal life


Depicted as an emaciated old man with sores
Don’t get near him!
Priest in mortal life

The Chittering One

Vermin – distributed plague of locusts that strips flesh, etc.
Wasn’t super important in his mortal life


First elder vampire – can be subtle
Priest of a terrible deity in mortal life

Ten Terrors

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