ACKS in a high-lethality, high-treachery Western-with-swords-and-sandals type setting. This portal exists to help keep track of players, their resources, settings details from during the game that I have forgotten, and the list of the slain.

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The Premise / Rules:

1. The party takes the role of generally chaotic good adventurers roaming the wastes, trying to survive and build something in the barren Shieldlands.

2. Inter-character conflict is possible, but must be agreed upon by the involved players. No killing someone’s PC unless they think it would be a good way to go.

3. The party is working together to civilize the realm. Border negotiation and potential conflict can come when just going outside isn’t 80% likely to get you killed.


24 Oct ’12: More henchmen! See Henchman Availability, Spring Year 2
8 Sept ’12: Henchmen for season 2 are up – see Henchman Availability, Winter Year 1 for the list.

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