Guilleme Capouchen

Merchant at Large


Guilleme Capouchen, Merchant at Large
Venturer 6 (Enterpriser), Male, Neutral, 24 y/o, 5’8, 190 lbs

GP: 9899 SP: 2
XP: 32293
reserve XP: 11789

Str: 9 (0)
Dex: 16 (
Con: 10 (0)
Int: 13 (
Wis: 13 (1)
Cha: 16 (

HP: 18/18
AC: 4 = 2 armor + 2 dex
Saves and Attack as thief

Equipment: (6 stones)
Leather Armor (+2 AC)
+1 Composite bow
Quiver w/ 36 arrows
Eyes of the Eagle (better sight, halves range penalties)
Short Sword
Large Sack
Small Sack
4 Torches
100 ft rope
12 Iron Spikes
1 Flask Common Oil
2 Iron Rations (Ok (dried fruit and nuts), 2gp/week)
Long Hooded Cloak
Mule (Gordito)
Potion of Love
Potion recipe: Gaseous Form
Potion recipe: Control Human

Adventuring (G)
Command ©
Seafaring (G)
Navigation (G)
Precise Shooting ©
Trapping (G)

+10% XP
Languages: Common, Goblin
Mercantile Network
Expert Bargainers
Hear Noises
Read Languages
Avoid Getting Lost


Guilleme (“Gee-em, for those of you who don’t know French”) was born the son of a wealthy merchant family in the great port of Dardantus. He learned the ways of the merchant, happy to take in what his father did, and his father’s father before him. He had a knack for talking, a decent enough business sense, and a penchant for alcohol which led his father, Baptiste, to set up a distribution deal with a small brewery for his son.
Several months of shipping had passed, and when Baptiste threw a small party for his son he assumed it was in celebration of his first real steps in the mercantile world. When he arrived at the tavern by the docks, however, his father grabbed him by the shoulder, stuffed a sack into his hands, and whispered “I’m sorry, my son. Forgive me, and find your own path.” Then he pointed to a ship, told Guilleme to board, and, once he had, fell to his knees. As the ship set sail, the stunned Guilleme opened the sack. A small sum of gold, a cloak, and a letter were inside.
The letter described his father’s financial indiscretions, the torrid affair with a magistrate’s wife, and mistake after mistake. He would be made an example of, by someone or another. Guilleme’s escape would probably save him a similar fate, but he could never go home. He would need to start anew, elsewhere.

Guy is the founder of L’arc-en-ciel Trading and Venture company, currently operating out of Fort Camaron in conjunction with the Dardantine Razors.

Guilleme Capouchen

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