Kjurnigin Eberk Kääriäp

Dwarven Kraftpriest with a large viking beard, an accent worthy of Metalocalypse, and a growing history of drunken debauchery.


Kjurnigin Eberk Kääriäp. Neutral Dwarf Kraftpriest 3
XP: 5417, 4050 reserve
9 10 13 10 16 9
20 HP, 7(6 w/out shield) AC, 60 speed
Hammer 9+ for 1d6
2 1stL spell/day, Cleric list
Prime Req: 5%
Profs: Adventuring, Theology, Trapping 1, Sense Evil
Stonecunning, +1 vSurprise underground, Turning
Items: Plate, Shield with painted Holy Symbol, Warhammer, Holy Water, the standard kit, 10 foot pole


More to come later on backstory.
One story:
One night, Kjurnie gets pretty – er, very drunk. Part of a bet that Kjurnie lost: get married. So he finds this woman, and they get married, and he doesn’t remember why she wanted to, but a couple hundred gold went missing around here… at the temple, he starts exposing himself and insulting priestesses. But he still ends up married, apparently she didn’t care. Now he’s enemies with a few priestesses and has a wife.
Goals: amass a small fortune, then either build a trading caravan or a fort, whichever seems more profitable

Henchmen: Currently Kjurnigin employs Grimnar Tordekson, an agressive 1st level Lawful Vaultguard/previous caravan guard sergeant, and Norwald Ardeshir, a 1st level Neutral Explorer currently serving as the party’s resident naturalist, guide, archer, and professional alchemist.

Kjurnigin Eberk Kääriäp

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