Chargen Houserules

Character generation is as described in the ACKS book, except as follows:

  • A player’s first PC comes in with 4000 XP, 3600 reserve XP, and 3d6*10 GP. Subsequent PCs have their incoming XP determined by the expenditure of reserve XP, and their starting gold is 80% of their XP total.
  • Prime requisite bonuses for high ability scores do increase starting XP and starting reserve XP.
  • I don’t care which ordering of ability scores you use, as long as you’re consistent. Henchmen stats are presented in Str Int Wis Dex Con Cha ordering.
  • PCs roll their first hit die twice and take the better; subsequent hit dice are rolled once and taken as rolled, with Con modifier applied to each HD as normal.
  • By default, only classes, races, proficiencies, and spells from the core book are available to players. Some options from the Player’s Companion gradually filter their way in, but these options are often awarded to players for particular in-game actions.

There are also a couple handy points that aren’t actually in contravention to the ACKS rules, but which are easy to miss:

  • Be advised when rolling arcane casters that it is possible to leave repertoire slots unfilled during character generation and levelling; if this is done, spells available to the party can then be used to fill those slots, rather than random rolls.
  • Likewise, language slots from high Int can remain unfilled until needed during play.

Chargen Houserules

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