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Last Updated: 10/22/12, Year 2 Month 4 Week 1

Hashmap of items to owners / holders.

Unassigned Items

Item Origin Notes
Scrolls of Warding Against Undead, 2 Bleak Academy (Chapel) ???
Norse Scroll of Warding against Lycanthropes Viking Treasure ???
Unknown Bubbly Potion Viking Treasure ???
Unknown Silvery Potion Nighteye Treasure ???
Unidentified red potions Camarone Pyramid x2
Unidentified clear potion Camarone Barracks
Scroll in Common of Teleport and Remove Curse Treant’s orcs
Iron Longsword +1 Bleak Academy (Wights)
?? Longsword Orcs by Camarone
?? Short sword Orcs by Camarone

Owned Items

Item Origin Owner
Book of Devouring Bleak Academy Carcophan
Potion of Dragon Control x0 Bleak Academy Carcophan
Ring of Protection +1 Bleak Academy Carcophan
Wand of Detect Enemies, 6 charges Bleak Academy Giradohi
Iana’s Aegis, Shield +3 Sandygates Corinth
Gorechild, Short sword +1 Sandygates Fjalkov
Ring of Plant Control Bleak Academy Tualla
Ring of Spell Storing Bleak Academy Tualla
Glowing Sword +1 Bleak Academy (Wights) Max
Moses Staff Bleak Academy Jarol
Leather Armor +2 Nighteye Tualla
Magic Arrows x3 Nighteye Tualla
Brass Shield +1 Cackling Cathedral, Dancing Altar Hulst
Bag of Holding Great Crocodile Corinth
Scroll of Arcane Light (Elven) Great Crocodile Carcophan
Scroll of Stinking Cloud (Elven) Great Crocodile Carcophan
Potion of Sweet Water Great Crocodile Corinth
Potion of Diminuation Great Crocodile Corinth
Flametongue Great Crocodile Corinth
Scroll of Warding Against Magic Bleak Academy Fjalkov
Iron Flask Bleak Academy Carcophan
Potion of Cloudkill Bleak Academy Carcophan
Blue Dragon Shield +1 Treant’s Orcs Max
Handaxe +1 Camarone Barracks Bhoskar
Potion of Speed Camarone Pyramid Max
Ptn Human Control formula Camarone Pyramid Guilleme
Ptn Gaseous Form formula Camarone Pyramid Guilleme
Bow +1 Grey Worms Guilleme
Eyes of Distant Vision Nighteye Guilleme
Potion of Extra Healing Orcs near Camarone Perrin
Potion of Love Orcs near Camarone Guilleme
Bullseye Sword Bleak Academy Tualla
Magic Spear Elephant men Carcophan

Lost Items

Item Origin Last known position
Shilshigos, War Hammer Bleak Academy Kroner Ironblood
Spellbinder, Magic Detection Sword Opportunity Rusted away by Rust Monsters
Chainmail +1 Caverns of Camarone Rusted away by Rust Monsters
Black Greatsword Sandygates (Crypt) Buried outside Deal?

Party Magic Resources

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