A hireling in the employ of Jarol


Bhoskar the Bloody-Handed
Str 16
Int 11
Wis 14
Dex 9
Con 13
Cha 9
→ dwarven mercenary fighter. Stubborn pessimist.
Goblin-slaying, Endurance, Alertness
Crossbow, case with 20 bolts, notched steel battleaxe, 2 handaxes, steel shield
painted with vault insignia, plate armor, military cloak, wool tunic and pants,
leather belt, low boots, backpack, flask of military oil, 2 weeks iron rations
26 HP, Neutral

Accepted with elan, standard monthly and 20% of treasure
+1 axe


Died to an ankheg, was brought back, but horses and other normal animals cannot stand his presence. Is now a fanatic follower of Jarol.


For a Few GP More drewi