The Scarred Shieldmaiden; alias Tormond Ironsmith


Last Updated: Year 3, Month 2 (1/13/13)

Level 7 (Champion)
Curr. XP: 78092
Next level: 128000
Age: 20 (DOB: Month 2)

Str 15 | +1
Int 10 | 0
Wis 7 | -1
Dex 10 | 0
Con 9 | 0
Cha 12 | 0

Max HP: 39
AC: 11
Initiative: +0

2+ | 1d6+7 | The Valkyrie’s Blade, a +3 Vorpal Shortsword

1 x Fly
1 x Diminuation
1 x Sweet Water (with a thin cork)
1 x Water Breathing
1 x Antivenom
3 x Royal Jelly (Healing)
1 x Holy Water
1 x Military Oil

Petrification & Paralysis 11+
Poison & Death 10+
Blast & Breath 12+
Staffs & Wands 12+
Spells 14+

Language (Dwarven)
Fighting Style (Weapon and Shield)

Bag of Holding, 6:100
Iana’s Aegis, the +3 Dwarven Shield
The Valkyrie’s Blade, a +3 Vorpal Shortsword
Plate Armor
Boots, Gloves, Cloak
Rope (50’)
Iron Spikes (12)
Hammer, Small
Tinder Box
Torches (6)

Resurrection Side Effects
Mutters constantly to Galivan as though he was there
Shattered Confidence: -10% to XP until next level

Reserve XP: 9483
Henchmen / Specialists
Macha | -200 GP per month
Hulst | -400 GP per month
Freija | -100 GP per month
Perrin | -400 GP per month

Dardantine Razors Trade Company
2 × 40-wagon Caravans (avg monthly profits: 1475 each) | 2900 GP, 200 XP per month

Fort Camarone (683 families, Stalwart)

Current GP: 19,346
Accounts settled for Year 3, Month 2


Raised in the Human-Dwarven Shieldlands town of Slag, Corinth was trained in the ways of smithing by her father. When the old man died in desert skirmish, the local bandit “lord” came looking for his daughter.

She packed up what she could carry and strapped on a suit of battered plate. Hefting her father’s hammer, Corinth joined up with the next caravan through town as a mercenary named Tormund Ironsmith.

She hopped from caravan to caravan and eventually arrived in Deal. There she met Galivan Stoneshield and agreed to accompany him and his companions on their journeys into the Dwarven Fortress of Sandygates.

In the course of their adventures, Corinth fell in love with Galivan and revealed her true nature to him. The two attempted to protect each other in their adventures, but Galivan was inevitably slain. Corinth dragged his body from the dungeon, fighting her way out, and had him resurrected.

Tragically he returned as a woman and left to seek his fortune in Myrmidia, leaving her his shield, dubbed Iana’s Aegis.

During the fight in Sandygates, Corinth witnessed the beginnings of the rise of one of the Ten Terrors of Zahar, “Skulltaker”. She learned of its nature by consulting with the ambitious mage, Carcophan. He and Corinth resolved to head north to Opportunity, where the nearby abandoned Bleak Academy promised to hold more answers.

For their journey, they joined with the bard Garwyn and his band of merry men.

When they arrived at Opportunity, they discovered a host of orcs laying siege to city, as well as Galivan, who had been captured by their chief. Corinth bargained for Galivan’s life, offering to bring one called “The Eartaker” from the city back to the orcs. She and Carcophan managed to convince a local guildmaster (and assassin) by the name of Tal to attempt to assassinate the orc chieftan. He succeeded, but was then slain by the chieftan’s guards, solving the problem neatly.

She sent Galivan north again to Myrmidia, this time with armed escort.

The group made several expeditions into the Bleak Academy, acquiring much wealth, and losing many friends. After a particularly successful venture yielded them two wishes, they sealed Skulltaker inside Sandygates and acquired 20,000 platinum pieces.

They seized control of Opportunity from the gang bosses and it is now ruled by Garwyn. Corinth sunk her share of the wealth into acquiring the two large trade caravans running through Opportunity. Her acquisition has not gone without notice.

Working together with a young, but somewhat foolish siege engineer named Max Parsley and a charismatic merchant named Guilleme Capouchen, Corinth has managed to clear and garrison a Fort between Opportunity and the town of Ironbridge. Fort Camarone, as it is now called, serves as a way point for trade ventures, as well as a staging ground for an attempt to carve out some small part of the Shieldlands and make it habitable.


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