Hajna Ironseeker [William Torisson]

Dwarven Siege Engineer


Name: Hajna Ironseeker
Gender: Female
AL: Lawful
XP: 6413
Level 3, Sentry (Vaultguard)
Str 15 +1
Int 7 -1
Wis 8 -1
Dex 12 +0
Con 11 +0
Cha 8 -1

HP: 12
AC: 8
Attack: 8+, damage 1d6+3

Saves: Petrification 10+, Poison 9+, Blast 12+, Staff 11+, spells 12+

Combat Proficiencies: Dungeon Bashing (+4 to feats of strength), Fighting Style (Shield)
General Proficiencies: Siege Engineering

surprise + 1 when underground
Detect Traps, Walls, Etc. 14+

Plate Armor
Battle Axe

GP: 844


Hajna Ironseeker has been happy recently. She was hired by an adventurer recently (William Torisson). She admired a fine catapult recently. She got to kill orcs recently. She received a small pile of Electrum lately.
Hajna Ironseeker likes Mica, Electrum, Amethyst, and Catapults for their destructive power. When possible, she prefers to consume River Spirits. She absolutely detests Worms.
She is self-disciplined. She is not interested in art. She is open-minded to new ideas. She needs alcohol to get through the working day.

Hajna Ironseeker [William Torisson]

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