William Torisson

Public Relations Bard


XP: 21782 (not yet updated) (level 6 accounted for)
Reserve XP: 1800
Level 6, Panegyrist
AL: Lawful

Str 11 +0
Dex 13 +1
Con 8 -1
Int 10 +0
Wis 14 +1
Cha 16 +2

HP: 13

Saves: Paral 11+, Death 11+, Blast 14+, Wands 12+, Spells 13+

Magic Bow + 1
Attack: 6+ (ranged) 8+ (ranged into melee) 8+ (Melee)
Damage: 1d8+1

AC: 3

Special: Arcane Dabbling 8+, Loremastery 13+, Read Languages 5+

Henchman morale +1 if Will accompanies

Cx2: Precise Shooting, Precise Shooting
Gx1: Tracking, Military Strategy


GP: 19330

Magic Bow + 1 (accounted for)
Potion of Dragon Control

2x Catapult Special
(Heavy Draft Horse, Heavy Catapult, 10 Catapult Shot)

2x Ballistae Special
(Heavy Draft Horse, Ballista, 10 Ballista Bolts)

Riding under the banner of the FISTS OF DAWN!

Cataphract Cavalry x50 (75 each/month)
Heavy Cavalry x25 (60 each/month)
Horse Archers x25 (45 each/month)
Armorer x2 (100 each/month)
Siege Engineers (with riding horses) x16 (100 each/month)
Rust Monster Trainer x1 (250 each/month)

Legion 1 of Cataphract has 25 XP

Total: 8375/month

Leather Armor (2 stone)
Ammo (x4)
Short Sword
Blanket (thick wool)
Iron Spikes (12, x3)
Hammer (small)
Rope (50’)
Tinder Box
Ink (+parchment, quills)
Spanish Guitar (1 stone)
Holy Water (x2)
Military Oil (x4)

Total: 7 stone


William Torrison is a man who loves to tell stories. He has been traveling with Kroner Ironblood and chronicling the adventures of the Dwarf’s company in oratory and song. Kroner, however, seems content with staying in his vault and occasionally adventuring. William wants to see the cities of the Shieldlands grow and the land turn into a safe harbor for all. Plus, of course, he really wants to chronicle the adventures of the conquering hero(es) who would accomplish this feat. After Max Parsley came into Kroner’s vault and talked of Corinth and the band of adventurers bound out of Opportunity, William departed Kroner’s company and made his way towards Opportunity and the story unfolding there.

William Torisson

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